Dog Collars – Beast & Babe

USA Made


We simply cannot say it enough: our pups are the best comrades we have in this juke joint called earth, which is why we should treat them with the coolest collars and leashes out there. Out where? Start with the dog collars from Beast & Babe ($32.00 – 129.00), they’ll certainly do the doggy trick. The Beast & Babe story begins with Kelsie Macray and her rescue dog, Yogi, both of whom were cruising the Venice Beach area when they realized not too many gnarly collars were around. Sure, there were plenty of regular collars out there that functioned how a normal collar is supposed to function, but none of them did the dogs who wore them that sort of hip justice that four-leggers deserve. So with this reality at hand, Macray decided to start making her own, and the results were full of nothing but love. Take for instance the Shades of Indigo collar ($32.00), a hand-dyed collar colored by natural, hand-painted pigments, all tied together on a 100% organic cotton collar ring. And for yet another example of this vast collection, you have the dazzling Open Rhythms collar ($89.00), a lightweight collar with what else but a heartily dash of colorful funk. Plenty of choices, plenty of sizes, and for all available styles you get long enduring, solid brass hardware to keep that sweet pup attached to the leash and looking super fine all at once.

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