Duffel Bags Blue Claw Co.

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Duffel Bags - Hampton by Blue Claw

Life on the move is all about stow and go, and whether it’s a bundle of gym clothes you’re carrying or a stash of stockpile cash, you might as well tote those effects in a first-class bag. For this, you have the fine opportunity to acquire Hampton Duffel Bags by Blue Claw Co. ($145.00) These Maryland-based entrepreneurs were duly inspired on their trip through parts of South America, which resulted in a hands-on, totally dedicated, let’s-make-our-customers-the-happiest-customers type of business endeavor back home in the States. And what happened next was the Hampton Duffel: made from highly protective waxed-canvas, water-resistant leather and durable brass hardware, this duffel is built to last your lifetime and at least a few more after that.


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