Easy Tiger – Austin, TX

USA Made


The worldwide reputation for the famous 6th street in Austin, Texas exists for a reason: extraordinary amounts of entertainment, cuisine, and brouhaha can be found there. Every day. All the time. As such, the Easy Tiger Bake Shop and Beer Garden fits in on 6th street just wonderfully (609 East 6th St.), the kind of place that provides an assortment of foods and brews for folks who hanker for both delicious tasties and inviting atmospheres. The Shop’s motto is simple yet highly advisable: slow down, stay a while. Once you stand amidst the two-story building of goodness you’ll find these words easy to obey, considering the ample amounts of house-made cooking and hand-selected varieties that they have to offer, including selections of pastries, pretzels, sausages, cheeses, teas, coffees, wines, spirits and, of course, corned beef. As the list suggests, you can eat any of the day’s three meals here, and if you decide on a craft beer to accompany your almond croissant for breakfast, we sure won’t judge you, because a Founder’s Imperial Stout is sure hard to turn down at any point in the day (Beer Garden opens at 11am, but there’s nothing wrong with a later breakfast). In all seriousness, Easy Tiger’s Beer Garden offers nearly fifty types of suds, over thirty of which are available on tap, which means you sure could be staying a while, especially if you enroll in the Easy Tiger Mug Club (a members-only gig that furnishes its members with opportunities to pull from the Reserve Beer List that you otherwise can’t get a hold of). All in all, the Easy Tiger Bake Shop and Beer Garden should be at the very top of your “to-do” list the next time you find yourself amid the fun of famous 6th Street.

Photography Credits: Raymond Thompson (storefront shot) :: Chris Fowler (patio shot)

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