Ebbets U.S. Tour of Japan 1934 Flannel Jersey

USA Made


Baseball is technically a seasonal sport, but let’s be honest, American’s favorite pastime will never, ever go out of style. Case in point: this 1934 U.S. Tour of Japan replica jersey by Ebbet’s ($139.00) Made from gray wool-blend flannel and embroidered with chainstitch chest and sleeve emblems, this jersey is truly a piece of authentic baseball history. Some of the diamond’s greatest players, such as Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, sported one just like it when they went overseas for their performances throughout the Oriental islands, and now thanks to Ebbets you get the chance to button up with the same sort of clout. This is vintage sports memorabilia at its best, folks, so grab some threads and get in touch with the original sense of baller.

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