EDC Cards – Centennial Trading Co.

USA Made


A person needs his or her tools, there is no question about that. Circumstances requiring them arise at unexpected intervals throughout the day and you ought not be left standing there without a gadget for the job. Hence the need for the Centennial EDC Cards V1.0 by Centennial Trading Company ($28.00), a group of creators based in Winston-Salem, NC, who aspire for unique products that will remain useful time and time again. To put it in their words, the company’s goal is to provide high-caliber clothing and goods as an investment for its customers, to ensure longevity and abiding substance from the point of purchase to the end of our generation and beyond. Where do the EDC Cards fit into all of this? Simple: it fits into the realm of everyday use, and this targeted everyday use won’t be phased out anytime soon (or ever, really). With the stainless steel Centennial EDC Cards you’ll have a palm-sized tool for the following: a ruler to measure out whatever needs measuring, a sturdy can-opener, a flippin easy bottle cap opener, a 20-tooth comb for re-grooming your hairdo, and three sizes of hex sockets for fastening or loosening that pesky little bolt. And the ability to do all of these inevitably necessary things will fit cozily in any credit card holder or billfold, so go ahead and get the goods while the getting is easy and affordable.

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