Feat Socks

USA Made


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When you take a long hard look at the foot game, you realize it’s all about the socks. A good pair of socks will get the job done, but a great pair will catapult your lower extremities to championship level, which is the exact level of performance you can expect from Feat socks. (Starting at $12.00) From the ladies and gentlemen in Amherst, Massachusetts, Feat delivers with the boldest, the most daring, the utmost cool and anti-lame sort of small-batch socks you’re likely to ever find on this fine continent. And by “small-batch,” we mean really, really small (sometimes they make quantities as low as one pair at a time), which only goes to show how tediously dedicated these folks are to making top quality socks. Basically, Feat says a big nay to the mass production approach to manufacturing, and that is an ultimate pay-off when it comes to the every bit unique aspect of their goods. From pineapples to parrots and from camouflage to Caribbean, Feat brings the sock heat with various designs that are sure to speak to the nature of your free-spirited heart and toes (that’s right, we’re firm believers in the individual personalities of your little piggies). So let those little fellas go anywhere they’d like (i.e., the market, staying home, eating roast beef, etc.), just make sure that one of them finds a way to check out the mighty sweet collection of Feat socks.

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