Filson Lined Short Cruiser Jacket

USA Made


Some things in life are just undeniably cool. And not just the faddy, trapper-keeper kind of cool, but the timeless kind of cool. Like the effective coolness that turned Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli into The Fonz, or the kind that managed to get Ben “Chubs” Franklin all the ladies. Well, here’s a new species to that genus, the super-quality Lined Short Cruiser by Filson. ($295.00) Just look at this jacket – it’s rugged yet stylish, highly functional yet aesthetically engaging. Plus it’s designed and manufactured by the straight-up pros at Filson, who’ve been doing this sort of thing since 1897. Made of 100% cotton twill and armed with a rain-defeating soy wax coat, this jacket is perfect for keeping you dry, warm, and awesome.

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