Fozzy Dog The Double

USA Made



Let’s talk about best friends. Best friends are besties because they stick with you even in the most bummerish of times, like when you forget to give an extra treat or fail to praise for that dead squirrel on your porch. So basically you owe these guys, and you can totally redeem yourself by adding The Double by Fozzy Dog Leashes to your toy bag. ($49.99) Built in that little bay-town called San Francisco, this comfy yet heavy-duty delight is perfect for harnessing a couple of your four-legged, fire hydrant seekers for a nice, long “W” word (we know, if you say it out loud, they’ll go nuts). Constructed with a double-braided rope and a crack-resistant handle, you can plan on keeping this tangle-free tether for plenty of doggie years, and to top it off, The Double comes with integrated waste bag dispenser for when mother nature calls. Now be a good best friend, grab a Fozzy and let the leash lovin begin.

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