Gibson Guitars – SG Special Faded

USA Made

Gibson Guitars - SG Special Faded

Gibson Guitars:  Legend has held that the six-string shred monsters of decades past would one day surface again, with all of the glory and double-horned steaminess to be replicated with perfection in their reincarnation. Thank the rock and roll heavens, the time has come for that very prophesied guitar love with the Gibson Special Faded SG, easily one of the world’s most iconic pieces of instrumentation and one made with a genuine American touch. ($699.00) If it is the punch of supreme raunch that you want in a guitar, there is no better axe on the market for such voluptuous riff slashings than that provided by the growling SG. With this edition, the Gibson has taken the traditional single-piece solid mahogany and adorned it with a worn satin nitro finish together with a more simplistic take on the headstock and fretboard styling. But don’t think this change of face has meddled at all with the everlasting offerings of true Gibson SG sound – the Special Faded is equipped with Alnico II humbucking pickups that will have your amp oozing with the luscious sound of rock that will never ever die (although you might have to replace your tubes every once and a while). Bottom line: if you want legendary sound at an affordable price, the American-made Gibson Special Faded SG will provide all that and then some.


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