Ginew Belt

USA Made


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When there’s an essence of vagabondage amid the creation of an age-old craftwork, you can bet that there’s an inherent spirit of tradition involved. This is true simply because of the nomadic nature of tradition, in that it can be traced through the lineage of its observer to whatever far-off origins that might’ve laid its foundation. This idea rings especially true with the husband-and-wife team at Ginew – Erik and Amanda – who are admittedly nomadic when it comes to making their Horween Ginew Belts. ($250.00) As Erik puts it, these two only need a workbench and a bag of tools in order to accomplish their creative process, which begins in this case with the highest quality leather from the Horween tannery in Chicago, and ends, well, anywhere from a porch in Austin to a workspace in Wisconsin. This sort of power to transiently produce has its roots in the well-versed traditions of Erik and Amanda’s family history, made up of Native American blacksmiths, farmers, machinists, sawyers, and welders, all of which resonate in the modern Ginew spirit of craftsmanship. Specifically, the Horween Ginew Belt arises from Ginew’s goal to make the best designed, most ethically sourced, and most durable belt available. This means that Erik and Amanda spend time making utmost meaningful selections of entirely USA-sourced materials in crafting completely by hand this durable and classically styled belt. In all, each belt is hand-beveled and waxed, and each comes with a solid brass buckle (sourced from two highly dedicated metal smiths in Detroit) and custom brass fasteners. Oh, and to make all assurances of absolute diligence in its making, each belt is proudly stamped with the Ginew seal.

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