Gradient Roughout Wallet – Teranishi

USA Made


You can find yourself a regular ole wallet from plenty of places these days, but if you’re looking for something handcrafted, long lasting and utterly unique, one particular wallet worth seeking is the Gradient Roughout Minimalist by Teranishi. ($145.00) Teranishi is a craft-creating outfit located on Vashon Island, Washington, an inspiring place found truly off the beaten path, and the Gradient Roughout wallet is just one Teranishi specimen that radiates with the essence of wabi-sabi. What on earth does that mean? The wabi-sabi aesthetic represents a comprehensive Japanese perspective centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection, an approach to craftsmanship and artistry that most “edgy” new-age companies wouldn’t likely find endearing. But that’s fine, because Teranishi has remained and will continue to remain faithfully to this unusual discipline, which is wonderful for us consumers who every once and a while enjoy a break from the commonplace. With the Gradient Roughout Minimalist wallet, the designers took a creative hint from, well, themselves, when noticing how lovely the indigo color looked on the inside of the original Gradient wallets. With that in mind, they basically flipped the leather wrong-side-out, thus giving the exterior of the wallet a “rough out” texture and appearance. It looks similar to suede, but the leather’s integrity isn’t compromised; instead, the Roughout design maintains full grain leather, which provides a greater all around strength. What the buyer ends up with is a beautifully toned, top-quality billfold that will age undoubtedly with the best of them.

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