Grado Labs – RS2e Headphones

USA Made


If you have yet to make yourself knowledgeable about the truths and falsities of the headphone market, we’ll go ahead and deliver the plain and simple truth: Grado Labs headphones encapsulate audiophile goodness, and the RS2e headphones model has writ such truth in stone. ($495.00) No longer do you have to be slave to the deluded, celebrity-infused marketing strategies of moneybag corporations trying to fill more of those bags on account of your innocent unknowingness of the headphone world, because Grado, thankfully, is putting their foot down. Those other cans that cost you about 2,000% of what it cost to make them, toss em out, and listen to the beautiful, liberating sound of the Grado RS2e stomp: proprietary sound curing process involving 44mm driver, a highly refined conductor cable design, dynamic transducer, open-air operating principle, and a 32 ohms normal impedance, all within a hand-crafted mahogany-tone wood structure. With the introduction of the wood factor in the RS2e headphones, Grado has provided for a new dampening process that helps control and dissipate resonances exactly where it needs to be done, while maintaining an overall purity of sound and unparallelled fidelity that other headphones just can’t match. If it’s top-notch noise you’re looking for in the long run, keep your hands out of the over-priced candy stores of headcans and go with Grado – you will not be disappointed.

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