Grilling Aprons – L.C. King

USA Made


Sure, a campy “Kiss The Cook” apron is a laugh worthy item to have in your pantry for rare occasions (when only your nearest and dearest are around, preferably). For more public displays of your culinary excellence, there’s the L.C. King Brand Grilling Aprons ($74.00-$124.00), sharp, machine washable and Tennessee-made pieces of rugged workwear befit for a long day laboring over the coals. Looking as much like the frontage of a nice pair of marsh wading overalls, the aprons measure 32.5″ long x 22”, feature grilling Tool Pockets and a Front Patch Pocket. In addition to being produced in the rolling hills of East Tennessee, the apron is made from durable fabric from ALL-AMERICAN mills. Considering aprons are generally reserved for only the most special occasions, it’s fast time we started taking a little more pride in the way these things look and L.C. King have managed to create an appealing and wearable accoutrement fit for both dressed-up and dressed-down affairs.

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