Guitar Picks – Grand Society

USA Made


guitar-picks-grand-society_1Guitar picks have now become an icon of what rock and roll represents at its core – inner creativity punctuated with a tendency to rebel. How appropriate, then, is it to utilize this symbolic nature in the world of jewelry making, which is itself designed for an individualized representation of the wearer’s inner spirit. Abiding by this idea is Grand Society, which presents the lovely Guitar Picks accessory pieces ($65.00), hand engraved, sterling silver elements of artistic inspiration derived from its creator’s life experiences. Hand-crafted with the finest metals in the always encouraging landscapes of southern California, Grand Society’s collections are made upon a foundation of originality and quality, and founder Chris Haveruk doesn’t skimp on these facets of emphasis. Each Guitar Pick is made with a pair of highly skilled hands and then is thoroughly inspected before shipment, each with a guaranteed quality that will not disappoint its owner. While we won’t exactly recommend you buying this piece in order to pick on your 6-string (probably wouldn’t make for a very long string-life), we can say it’s a perfect accessory to any music lover’s jewelry collection.

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