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USA Made


If you’ve ever donned a six-stringed machine of music (or a four-stringer, for all ye groovin bass slappers), you’ve got to know the importance of a comfortable, well-made and highly secured guitar strap. To help spread the love and knowledge of that area of music gear, we’re here to introduce the line of guitar straps from LM Products ($13.00 – $130.00), the purely American creator of that perfect, perfect fit. What we have here with LM Products is a production team that abides strictly by the means and methods of strap-building craftsmanship that’s going on forty years of know-how. We’re talking about hand-made artistry using leather from tanneries based only in America, which is then cut, stitched and birthed into the world’s most accessible art form, the world of music. And if you consider yourself a bit picky when it comes to your on-stage look, don’t worry in the least – LM Products has more straps to choose from than the number of string bends on a Stevie Ray Vaughan bootleg series. In the Leather section alone you’ll find over a dozen subsections, from the Western line to the Garment Luxury designs, and that’s just a fraction of the long-lasting, leather made goodness that LM Products has to offer.

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