Hand-Forged Twisted Brass Cuffs – Studebaker

USA Made


Only certain people develop the level of care for their craft that amounts to reverence, those who get into the production process for the sake of the product, not for the sake of their wallet. Michael Studebaker, master metalsmith of the Pittsburg-based Studebaker Metals, is definitely that kind of guy, and the Hand-Forged Twisted Brass Cuffs are just one brilliant example of his devout trade. ($40.00) Hand-forged from a single piece of American brass, the Twisted Cuff is forged without polish or coating, and ends up with a work patina surface that expresses both a bold spiritedness and an heirloom quality of the jewelry piece. Also, the Cuffs are made using traditional hand tools and techniques, by which I mean hammer and anvil, the really, really traditional method. But just because the method is seemingly ancient doesn’t mean you’ll lose any finesse – we’re talking about a gentleman designer who has trained as a metalsmith, a jeweler and an architect, so the outcome of this timeless method is in the hands of one of the country’s most talented craftsmen. Lastly, each piece is made to order in whatever size is most comfortable for you, and its also made with the individual wearer in mind, that classy touch of Studebaker sincerity that runs amiss in many production lines these days.

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