Hand Salves – Barnaby Black

USA Made


Barnaby Black specializes in “Field Accoutrements and Supplies” and their small line of Hand Salves (ranging from $12-18) is perfect for the outdoors, kitchen or bathroom. The line includes five different naturally-based and wonderfully aromatic products: Balsam Fir, Eucalyptus, Grande Fir, Pitch Pine and Spruce, each with a distinct texture and residual scent. Each salve has a different overarching quality: e.g., the spruce acts as a therapeutic antiseptic and the Eucalyptus is a fragrant hand repair agent. Barnaby’s workshop is located in the beautiful and historic Long Island town of West Sayville, and there’s little question as to whether or not the company’s founders take a great deal of their product inspiration from their immediate surroundings. This fall and winter when the air gets dry and crisp, you’ll likely wish to grant your chapped hands and face the gift of salvation and treat them with something from Barnaby’s line of “wildcrafted” Salves made from 100% wild harvested plants and trees.

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