Hawthorn Knife – Woodnsteel

USA Made


The Hawthorn Knife – made by Woodnsteel and named after the lovely Hawthorn tree – is the mark of any man or woman who takes cutting, whittling, carving, etc., seriously enough to buy top-quality tools for the job. ($195.00 – $225.00) Founder of Woodnsteel, Dustin Case, has made it clear where his devotion lies, which is in the hand-crafting of leather goods, knives, and wood products, and each one of his products is sourced as completely as possible in the US. As for the Hawthorn knife, heralded as a “perfect day knife,” you’ll hold in hand a 3” 1095 steel blade with a 4 ¼” wooden handle, sheathed with a hand-sewn leather belt sheath made with leather from either the legendary Horween tannery in Chicago or the Wickett & Craig tannery in Pennsylvania. More specifically about the blade, Woodnsteel gets its flat bars of steel from Niagara Specialty Metals in New York, which is then grinded into perfect shape, drilled, heat treated, and buffed with an artisan’s stroke of finality. The result is razor sharp precision to be kept safely in the leather sheath, which is bound by waxed linen thread and ready for decades of endurance.

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