Headache Balm – Rex Apothecary

USA Made


If you’ve never had a headache, never suffered a spell of anxiety or never endured downtrodden stress, congratulate yourself, because you’re the only person in history who has ever avoided these things. For the rest of us, there’s The Headache Balm by The Rex Apothecary ($10.00), Portland-based maker of all things organically attuned to living a better life. The locomotive force behind Rex’s feel-good undertakings is the sweet lady, Jovie, a remarkably encouraging individual whose interest in the qualities of natural ingredients grew into an extraordinarily sincere and effective profession when she completed her high-education curriculum in Holistic Healthcare Practice. And hence the Headache Balm, a liniment made of potent essential oils extracted from lavender, lemon and peppermint, designed to induce a relaxing, cooling, and pressure relieving euphoria to battle your body’s negative symptoms. There really are countless causes of aches and stresses in our daily lives, and in order to alleviate those things all you have to do is massage the Headache Balm onto your temples, forehead, neck, or practically anywhere else that you think needs to be freed from discomfort, and then let the balancing of the body begin. Just think: greater relaxation equals greater comfort equals a greater take on everyday life. Therefore, for all of us who want the most out of our time under the sun, there isn’t a more appealing formula than that of the ever-soothing Headache Balm.

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