Highland Boots – Cobra Rock Boot Co.

USA Made


Somewhere along the way, with the evolution of mass production and supply and demand, we allowed ourselves to sacrifice quality. So, it’s refreshing when a company is brave enough to return to authenticity. The leatherworkers at Cobra Rock Boot Company take time and effort to last and welt each pair of boots by hand. Every boot is made of supple, full grain, American leather, and is of the sort of quality that takes patience, care, and time. The South Highland Boots ($495) are a clever little clodhopper. The designers at CRBC took elements of the classic, 40’s era square toe, and added a modern twist. This eclectic mashup makes this boot perfect for almost any outfit. So, if you’re bailing hay or joining a line dance, you can rest assured that this boot can handle it. The hand wrought materials are proven durable as well; the more wear you put into the high quality leather, the more beautiful they will become.

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