Homemade Gin Kit – Cloak & Dapper

USA Made


There’s an outlaw trade out in those American hills called moonshining, and it’s as dedicated to making quality goods as any production endeavor you can think of. Well, with the Homemade Gin Kit by Cloak and Dapper, you can enjoy this dedication without the threat of being criminal. ($49.97) That’s exactly right, you can take the manufacturing of a fine suckle of liquor into your very own hands, and all you’ll need is what comes in this box plus a bottle of vodka (your choice, of course). Specifically, you’ll get two 375ml bottles, a stainless steel funnel and sifter, a can of perfectly balanced juniper blend, and a can of pleasantly aromatic botanical blend, all of which is used to wrap your drink in a blissful blanket of gin sensation. Also, the kit comes complete with a short list of instructions, so as to make the process both practical and plenty rewarding. Sure, this bundle of boozie goodness can run on full operation in your kitchen or garage, but no one is stopping you from heading out into the nearest woods you can find and settling in with your process right by the trickling crick.

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