Horn Handle Jar – Pigeon Toe

USA Made


The mold masters at Pigeon Toe have taken a stout attitude against the rushed and frenzied practice of mass-produced goods, and the Horn Handle Jar is a lovely piece that epitomizes the company’s dedication to a more refined and personal approach to the pottery wheel. ($100.00) Lisa Jones, owner and head designer of the Pigeon Toe operation, has a passion for ceramics like none other – she began molding when she was 9-years-old, and, although she avoided the practice for a small spell, she never could shake the compulsion to fire up her kiln and create. That drive is what led to her eventual business, which is now housed in a Portland, OR studio and filled with several highly skilled minds who’ve helped make the Pigeon Toe dream a reality for the past five years (and still going strong). What we’re talking about is grassroots type of organization, one that creates its products with an intention to instill the inherent artistic values of beauty, respect, and heritage in the hearts of those who seek these handcrafted treasures. The Horn Handle Jar exemplifies each of those virtues with its sanded porcelain exterior, clear glazed interior, and hand-sculpted, tusk-like handle, every inch and bend of which is presented in truly precious form. This piece is a great choice for any sort of storage that you might see fit, but more importantly it is a statement piece, a product of deep focus and endless expressive tenacity that will compliment your style better than any ordinary jar could ever contribute.

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