Incense Pyres – Blackbird

USA Made


Allow yourself to be pleasantly enraptured by the pleasure-inducing fragrances the perfumers at Blackbird have concocted with their line of Incense Pyres ($28). Just reading the list of fragrances gives you an idea of the distinctive and unique nature of the scents offered by the company. Ranging from Tomato leaves to Mossy Geranium, Blackbird prides themselves on providing “a contemporary update to the ancient tradition of incense burning.” Having an array of seductive smells in your incense arsenal is a plan we’d advise. Long forgotten are the days when most American incense makers were centered in patchouli-based oils and incense. Not that we don’t like to be reminded of the aromas of Woodstock ’69 from time to time, but there’s a whole world of olfactory delight out there, just waiting to be captured and conveyed by a burning wick. Always be prepared for any scenario with a wide palette, and, for the good times, know that if the sense of smell is the strongest linked to memory, you’ll want the air to be filled with something pleasant and unforgettable. Lucky for us, Blackbird has captured the proverbial lightning in a can containing 20 wonderfully scented pyres to burn at your leisure.

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