Intense Cycles M9 Lotus

USA Made


If you haven’t heard yet, it’s ripe time for the gnar bazaar. And if you know anything at all, know this: we don’t use the “gnar” label loosely, only on special occasions when the senses endure a real catapulting. Well such an occasion has just happened, sparked by the encounter of this spectacular creature of fanaticism, the M9 Lotus from Intense Cycling. ($9,500.00) Built with the steadfast precision of the company’s Cali-based engineers, this bike represents 15 years worth of fine-tuning and absolute dedication. And not only is this machine a rugged speed demon, it’s a 100% unique edition that comes with a customized paint job that’s sure to leave an eco-friendly blur right in the faces of your riding friends (or enemies). To put it frankly, there’s only one of these – one of them – so pony up and be the genius who tramples any and all tracks with this singular bit of awesomeness.

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