Intersect Valet – Dixon Branded

USA Made


You’re sitting on your computer at home, on the couch maybe, and you’re browsing all of these tantalizing products, and all of the sudden you freeze – where are your keys? What about that receipt you need to pick up your dry cleaning? You should have a designated spot for these things, and that spot should be right atop the Intersect Valet by Dixon Branded ($148.00). Introduce yourselves to the design brainchild of Mr. John Dixon, an accomplished Ohioan who’s got every bit of knack for seeing the artwork in his head as he’s got the wits needed to make that artwork a reality. And sure, we get it, sometimes being raised by an architect and interior designer then going on to graduate from an esteemed university’s design program then interning under a brilliant artist only before honing in on the finest of machinist training and finally becoming a college professor in, well, all of that, doesn’t exactly mean you’re going to be good at making awesome things. But every once and a while, after doing all of those things, you end up with what some might call a mastermind, which is what John Dixon is, and which is what the world gets to see through Dixon Branded. The Intersect Valet is an example of such mastery, made from Ash wood and 360 Free Machining Brass and designed to achieve five contact points against the wall for the most thorough sturdiness – this quaint yet exquisite shelf if exactly what every foyer on earth just has to have.

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