iPhone 6 wooden skins – Woodchuck USA

USA Made


With the advent of new technology must always come the arrival of new accessories for that technology, and the iPhone 6 Wooden Skins by Woodchuck USA play a lovely part in that accompaniment. ($19.99 – $29.99) The Woodchuck name exists for multiple reasons, and all of them are earnest and sincere: first of all, there is an unrivaled respect for the beauty that nature as to offer, which serves as a fundamental inspiration for the Minneapolis-based company, and this ideology helps direct what might otherwise be a forgotten appreciation for our natural resources. Secondly, Woodchuck keeps it’s crafting in the U.S., providing meaningful manufacturing jobs to those with a passion and skill for creating purely authentic and useful products. When you mix these philosophies, you get a feature like the Wooden Skins series to proudly place your name on, knowing that your customers will be tremendously satisfied. The Skins are available in various woods, including Birch, Black American Walnut, Cedar, Mahogany, and Redwood Burl, and each comes equipped with a phone-friendly adhesive for easy placement and removal. Sticking true to the point of an effective phone protector, the Wooden Skins prevent scratching without the cumbersome, heavy, and generally unappealing bulk of other cases.

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