iPhone Adventure Cases 5/5s Tribal – WOODCHUCK

USA Made


Our iPhone cases are, at this point, certainly to be categorized as an accessory to our personal style, which means the right look for you might only be available with the exactly right kind of case. For those of us who enjoy a classic-meets-new-age sort of genre, there’s the Tribal Adventure Cases for iPhone 5 and 5S, made by the design team at Woodchuck ($59.99). The Tribal edition of the iPhone Adventure Cases are made in Minneapolis with locally sourced mahogany, birch, and rosewood, along with a layering of recycled plastic for further reinforcement. Also, each case is laser-engraved and sanded by hand for a smooth textured grip, allowing for your easy and comfortable everyday use. And lastly, you get your pick from these three highly intriguing designs to carry around, day-to-day, as a modern extension of your person.
Woodchuck’s business lives by several highly respectable ideologies: bring the jobs back to America, bring nature back to the people, and bring quality back to the customers. Sure, all of these stances look good on paper, but the difficulty lies in the actual execution of these practices, in the consistent implementation of higher industry standards. Well, Woodchuck has not dithered in its stance on reinvigorating our country’s cultural approach to product design and manufacturing – they conduct all design and construction here in the States, they include beautiful natural resources in their products, and they enforce an expectation of quality in there goods by going with the highest quality craftsmanship instead of the bottom-dollar bid.

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