iPhone Timber Trays – Tinsel & Timber

USA Made


If there ever was a time for tediousness and tidiness, that time is now, in the twenty-first century wherein we have so many micro-gadgets that without a place to put them, they (and thus we) are lost. The iPhone Timber Trays by Tinsel and Timber ($59.00) are your answer as to that place to put your small valuables. Stationed in the ever-breezy Chicago, Timber and Tinsel has taken the time to develop an iPhone 5/5s/5c friendly apparatus for placement of the cell as well as extra space for whatever else needs a resting spot (we think it’s just a brilliant idea to use this extra space for, say, your keys, wallet, glasses, or any other necessity that you ought not forget before walking out the door). Handcrafted from a solid block of maple, the Timber Tray is born by traditional as well as more modern woodworking techniques, and with a finish of natural oil and wax, the wooden portions of this tray will provide not only convenience, but eyesight allure as well. As for the padding beneath your gadgets, the Timber Tray is lined with 100% Merino wool for that super soft touch, and for stability and protection against the surface of your choosing, the bottom of the tray includes four natural cork feet.

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