Iron Range Key Fob – Leather Works Minnesota

USA Made


The Iron Range key fob by Leather Works Minnesota ($37.00) is as appropriately named as it gets, because it’s as rugged as a piece of leather can be and it is sure to stick with you while traversing on any range you may want to tread. Handmade with Oak Shoulder leather and solid brass hardware in the famous Lowertown of St. Paul, the Iron Range is a result of the pursuit of excellence, a resolute statement that serves as the rallying-cry for Leather Works’ creation processes. And speaking of resolute, Leather Works Minnesota gets most of its leather sources from Red Wing’s S.B. tannery, a tanning operation that has been in business for almost one-hundred and fifty years – if that isn’t a clear confirmation of toughness and durability, we don’t know what is. The Iron Range key fob is a product piece from a group of four individuals who run the whole show at Leather Works, all of whom since 1999 have harnessed their energy on bringing “American-made” back into focus during a time of unwonted and quality-compromising outsourcing. In essence, Leather Works Minnesota endeavors to emphasize an allegiance to the once-upon bedrock of this country’s nobility, specifically, that wholesome and everlasting pride in creating a first-rate American product made from American resources. Sure, the Iron Range is only 1″ x 6.5″, but it represents something far grander than that – it serves as a point of unwavering dedication to the age-old American pursuit for true excellence.

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