Iron and Resin X Sons of Trade Saddle Bags

USA Made


A collaborative effort between Iron and Resin and Sons of Trade, the all-new Terrain Pannier Saddle Bag ($140) is a throwback of sorts – inspired by and designed to fit most older motorcycles (or newer vintage models) with a single side exhaust, rear frame rails and twin rear shock absorbers. Freewheeling bikers will dig the period-specific details on the canvas bag: it’s water resistant, convertible to a messenger bag and it includes a rugged, reinforced bottom to further protect from the everyday wear-and-tear one can expect to endure out on the open road. A juxtaposition of countercultural aesthetics and modern design, this little piece of gear is a radical accent to your go-to collection when taking the exodus from everyday life to tear out on the open road. Straying from convention and encapsulating the feeling and stylistic ethos of a headier time, the Terrain Pannier Saddle Bag is ready to hit the road (and will look even better once worn in and road-tested).

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