Isis Wool Felt Fedoras – Janessa Leone

USA Made


The makers we mention on We Shop American always seem have a past to fall back on to search for inspiration. Mix this type of nostalgia with some quality craftsmanship and you get the Isis Wool Felt Fedoras ($150) from Janessa Leone, a hat of masculine stance with a feminine poise. From the time she was little, Janessa had a fascination with the vintage items of her grandparents, a fascination that has stuck with her to this very day. With that in mind, one can easily see that she is aiming to make products that will be passed down and cherished for generations to come. These heirloom treasures take shape in the Isis Felt Fedora by elements of Black Wool Felt creased into a three-inch trim and red tipped feathers mirroring into a bold divide. Each of the hats are designed in Los Angeles, produced from USA raw materials in Pennsylvania, and packaged for your fancy back in Los Angeles. Whoever the lucky lady is to have this hat adorn their head is sure to make a statement in the world with the classic looks of a signature mark. Plus, purchasing an American made product helps give back to the community, which creates a cycle of happier and healthier local economies.

Over time and use, your Isis Wool Felt Fedora will begin to mold into the perfect shape and feel, even better than the day you purchased this quality piece. This prompts the intriguing curiosity – is the hat an actual extension of the maker who created it? Perhaps, as it too is perfected by memories and experiences that give it a past visible by the worn edges. The hat, turned into a crown of tales, scribes stories each generational owner may never hear but will definitely see and feel when pulling it back out of its box.

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