Janus Motorcycles Halcyon 50

USA Made


There was once a bro named Janus, who had two faces and who the Romans recognized as the god of beginnings, of passages, of endings and of time. It seems pretty obvious, then, that this guy must’ve had one hell of a carriage in order to traverse such philosophical roads, and if we present-day humans were to design a whip worthy of his travels, it’d be a good idea put the Indiana-based Janus Motorcycles in charge. Well that happened, and the folks at Janus came up with the sleek, six-speed Halcyon 50 for the passage-goers of today’s world. ($4,900.00) The Halcyon 50 is a product of simplicity and style, equipped with a dapper leather seat, powder coated aluminum tanks, spring-actuated telescopic forks, and classy vinyl graphics, plus room for a saddlebag upgrade. Constructed from all high-grade metals and stocked with a 2-stroke single engine, this motorcycle will set you sailing on super smooth rides, but just remember: unlike the Roman god, you’ll have to turn your neck to look both ways.

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