Jean Jackets – Tellason

USA Made


Several things can be accomplished by wearing a jean jacket, and not all of them are good – it’s all about finding the style that does generations upon generations of upper body denim-wearers justice, and the Jean Jackets by Tellason are the sort to do just that. ($250.00) There’s something inherently All-American about a classic jean jacket, with both rebellious and wild-west feelings attached to it, the kind of underground appeal that makes an item cool because it’s not exactly the most sought after style out there. And please don’t mistake us: we don’t agree with the kind of vanity that posits coolness comes from “being into” things that aren’t mainstream cool – we’re just making the peculiar point about jean jackets, how they’ve long established a mainstay in this niche level of fashion. The jean jacket by the San Fran team at Tellason, as we mentioned, is justifiably at home in that niche, as a devoutly designed and perfectly fitting construct of 12.5 oz. Cone Mills White Oak Selvage Denim, with two outer and two inner pockets, all in tune with the role designated by the history of the jean jacket, which, essentially, is a rugged, dress-down style that doesn’t seem to be burning out any time soon.

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