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Kids Storage Bins – Sprout Kids: As parents, we understand the never-ending chore of cleaning up after our children. We strive to find a way to organize it all, and to make it easier for our little ones to pick up after themselves. The City Print Kids Storage Bins ($18) by Sprout make this an easy and eco-friendly task. Based out of Utah, Sprout has made it their duty to provide furniture that is 100% domestically produced and conservative of the world’s natural resources. The storage bins require no tools for assembly, can be folded and reused, and are compatible with both the planet and your budget. With the combination of neutral colors like cardboard and black ink, in addition to contemporary graphics, these bins will be a functional and fashionable addition to your nursery or playroom. Set a good example for your next generation by styling your home with some of Sprout’s American-made, environmentally conscious products.

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