Klipsch Heritage Speakers

USA Made


When you think of high-scale audio equipment, you might think of big factories and robotic arms placing circuit bits with their mechanized soldering, but you should really be thinking about the handmade Klipsch Heritage Speakers. ($850.00 – $4500.00) That’s right: handmade in Arkansas, audiophile-grade speaker models founded upon the genius dedication of Engineering and Science Hall of Fame inductee, Paul Wilbur Klipsch, who, with his multitude of innovative audio creations, found himself in the company of inventors such as Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers. Such brilliant creative feats include the new-age-tech-defying Klipschorn Loudspeaker, an engineering revelation that’s been in production for sixty-five years, and one that delivers legendary sound with a three way, fully horn-loaded loudspeaker that embraces the room in which it sits as a design technique. Up next is the La Scala II Speaker, a compact cabinet version of the classic Klipschorn that produces an equally praiseworthy range without requiring as much space. Last but certainly not least in the Heritage Series lineup are the Cornwall III and the Heresy III, two speaker models that deliver with substantial sound in as refined of a process as there is out there on the speaker market, and both as deserved of Heritage Series acclaim as the Klipschorn and the La Scala II. What was Klipsch’s goal for laying the groundwork for these products? To bring every ounce of emotion, passion and detail of the music you love into your home. And for those of you who have individualized tastes in aesthetics as well as sound, the Heritage speakers are available in black ash, cherry, or walnut veneer finishes.

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