Lado Necklace – Tiro Tiro

USA Made


You’re not into gaudy jewelry. Not the rhinestone and fake eyelash type. Your jewelry is simple and beautiful – enough to draw the eye without dominating it. If for no other reason, this is why you will love the work of TiroTiro. Theresa Robinson, owner and metalsmith of Tiro Tiro, knows that more is not always better. Fifteen years of experience in traditional jewelry making, has given her the ability to make minimalism shine. The collections are whimsical and curious looking, largely geometric and indicative of natural forms. American made from fine linen and hand crafted metals, each piece is unique and aesthetically striking. The Lado Necklace ($215) is made of woven linen cord, and cast, hand-carved bronze. The form is reminiscent of a ginkgo leaf or the feathered fans of ancient Egypt. And, indeed, you will look like a modern day Cleopatra when you don this gorgeous necklace. The linen cord comes in many different colors, and the necklace works just as well alone as it does layered.

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