Leather Braided Cuffs – Grown & Sewn

USA Made


One can never acquire too many leather goods (or at least we’ve yet to find that person), and the reality of that statement just made the Leather Braided Cuffs ($45.00) by New York City folks Grown and Sewn a great idea for your personal acquisition. Right off the bat, we’re talking about top tier quality, handcrafted goods that result from founder Rob Magness’ refusal to stay put in the otherwise depreciating world of stocking this country’s shelf-space. Best way to shy away from that sort of happening is to create a happening of your own, and Magness found his calling in American history and culture, which, clearly, has no short supply of greatness. The Leather Braided Cuffs meet the standard of said greatness, with its chocolate colored cowhide leather and its spick-n-span polished metalwork, all in all making a clear yet subtle statement on style. So if there is a moral of the story here, it’s this: while there’s no denying some degree of depreciation in the quality of products you find on the marketplace, there’s also a positive and respectful force – thanks to people like Magness – that is steadily rising to bring us a higher class of American production.

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