Leather Coasters – Bexar Goods

USA Made


Friends, we lucky tasters of countless refreshments have entered an era where we can drink our favorite beverages at our freest leisure without a worry over water rings staining the furniture. For this, we must give thanks to the likes of Bexar Goods Company for providing the Leather Coasters ($22.00), a stylish kind of tabletop protector that allows us to take that soda or that beer or that glass of lemonade throughout the house and set it down anywhere we’d like, so long as a Leather Coasters mark the landing spot. How many times has your grandmother scolded you for leaving a soda can on top of the antique patina corner table? Once is all too many, but it won’t happen again if you simply advise her to obtain a set of the 4.25” x 4.25” vegetable tanned leather coasters by Bexar Goods, a Texas-based outfit that sources its material from some of the country’s oldest leather tanneries. These leather coasters are made with care and are meant to endure the weight of limitless cup-rims, and for the mere twenty-two dollars you can get a set of four coasters, which means everyone can have a cozy and spiffy spot to place their drink.


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