Leather Duffel Bags – J.W. Hulme

USA Made


The duffle bag hails originally from Belgium where the bag’s historical use was officially proclaimed: pack your things, and pack them well. J.W. Hulme Company has taken this steadfast idea and pushed it forward with their absolutely and awesomely handsome Small Leather Duffel Bags ($1,100.00), a worldly-wise product for our most fundamental need to lug and carry. J.W. Hulme established his company over a century ago, and since its birth they’ve been proudly crafting leather bags and accessories by using artisan methods and the country’s finest leathers. By acquiring all of its leather from tanneries in Minnesota, Maine, Illinois and Tennessee, J.W. Hulme Co. has established itself as a thoroughly zealous American institution, one with a profound appreciation for exceptional quality. You should be grateful for this, because your Leather Duffel – made with hand-buffed Saddle Heritage style leather – is guaranteed for life. And nothing speaks to a company’s confidence like a lifetime guarantee. Nothing, nada. So there’s no real reason you shouldn’t be smitten with this lovely piece of luggage – it’s got easy access, rolled leather handles, riveted zipper pulls, a leather luggage tag, a detachable leather shoulder strap, and there’s even a complimentary embossing in the cards if that’s something you’d like. To sum it up, the Small Leather Duffel Bags have everything you’d want in a well-made bag, and it’s going to last you more lifetimes than you’d even want to bother with. Oh, and since this is J.W. Hulme’s smaller version of their Classic Duffel, you can take it practically anywhere you go for the next 1,000 years.

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