Leather iPhone Card Carrier – Killspencer

USA Made


If you’re like us, you might prefer moving your legs when your pockets aren’t chock full of clutter, such as your wallet, phone, keys, chap stick, bubble gum, etc. Also if you’re like us, you appreciate the products where the finest of styles meets the most easily workable functionality, which is why you’ll also enjoy the looks of the Precision Pocket iPhone Card Carrier 2.0 by Los Angeles-based Killspencer. ($69.00 – $79.00) Just one glance at this product and you already know it’s the best of it’s kind (i.e., all-in-one, phone and money toter), because the design is as minimalistically sound as it gets. I mean, just look at it – it’s as utterly anti-clutter as it gets (makes you wonder if they passed it through a pasta roller). The Card Carrier 2.0 was made to host exactly four cards, which means you’ll have the right slot for a driver’s license, a credit card, debit card, and another piece of the ole plastic (if you so choose to have a fourth), while also providing a back-pad for your iPhone 5 or 5S. With the 2.0, you get your pick from five different aesthetics, made from a stable combination of wood and naturally tanned leather, and all lined with an Italian-made Alcantara suede endoskeleton for extra support. Also, by using a state-of-the-art adhesive, the Precision Pocket Card Carrier 2.0 can be effortlessly and lastingly attached to your iPhone.

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