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USA Made


Hey now, don’t you know the short sleeve button up is as relaxed as a merger between fresh dress-up and fun can get? Obviously yes, and if you’re searching for a supplement for that department of your closet, you best begin with The Quintessential Leisure Shirts by Treats Quality Apparel. ($105.00 – $145.00) No matter the time of year, think sunshine, think breeze, think tropical bliss – these were the inspirations for the crusaders of good time attire at Treats, who cut and sew each of their colorfully expansive shirts by hand in Los Angeles. But what’s special about this company’s style is that they don’t get monotonous; rather, they mix up the designs quite plentifully so that you’ll be equally prepared for straight beach hang out (see the Nantucket or the Honolulu) or for that evening dinner party (see the Dungaree or the Square Pips). As you’ll see by the extensive collection, these mentioned are only a few of the 100% cotton designs to choose from, but once you make that pick the most difficult thing you’ll be facing is the decision as to which palm trees to hang your hammock between.

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