Letterpress Prints – Hammerpress

USA Made


There’s probably a space on one of your walls that could really use a little bit of charm, some perfect artistic piece to spruce up the emptiness in a way that will have you and your guests stopping for second looks. Well we’ve found just the thing for that: the collection of Letterpress Prints from Hammerpress. ($15.00-$50.00). Made in the quintessentially Midwestern locale of Kansas City, Missouri, this collection of art-prints depicts everything from silhouetted Indians on horseback to moon prints, from diagrammatically dismantled cameras to feel good quips of happiness, and many, many more (including a couple particularly cools ones quoting an intolerance for whining). We know you don’t want any of those run-of-the-mill cheesy kinds of posters; you want something stylish that can be appreciated, and these prints are the ticket. Printed with precise methods on recycled chipboard or coverstock, each Letterpress is a piece of creative goodness for you to share with all. And to be totally truthful, we can’t do the ladies and gentlemen over at Hammerpress enough justice by simply describing their products with words – you can only get the full effect by browsing the entire gallery, which (we assure you) is something you’d enjoy doing. So get yourself a hammer and a nail and find a space on your wall (ranging from 8 x 10 to 11 x 17), then prepare to apply a highly unique touch of art.

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