Lindsey Thornburg Los Ojos Mid Length Cloak

USA Made


The season for keeping yourself warm has arrived, and there are few better who know how to do this than the indigenous folk who roam subfreezing highlands.  We’re not just talking about their approach to functionality, either; we’re all about their sense of style as well.  Good thing Lindsey Thornburg tapped into that aboriginal inspiration during her stint in South America, which she brought back to the States with her and exemplified right here in her simplistic yet beautiful Los Ojos Mid length Cloak. ($900.00)  Here’s an idea: when you combine the presence of all colors with the absence of all colors, something mystical is bound to happen, which is exactly the case with Thornburg’s latest cloak design – you’ve got your black, your white, and your complete fashion appeal.  Ladies, whether you’ll be roving the Peruvian landscapes or drifting among the avenues of any given metropolis, add this one to the fall wish list.

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