Living Room in a Box – True Emporium

USA Made


Bay Area company True Emporium are as disruptive to the moving and furniture industries as any of the trendiest tech companies down in nearby Silicon Valley. Their “Living Room in a Box” ($2,500) concept is an innovative and groundbreaking offering, packaging a chic and ultra modern living room set in a 42”L x 24”W x 21”H box containing a sofa, club chair, coffee table, jackknife floor lamp and an entertainment center. The box and its contents are sustainable, low-impact, easy-to-stow and with a basic stencil label on the box, kind of carry and edgy roadie rock band storage case aesthetic that we think is pretty cool. Perfect for wanderlust-chasing folks and young professionals constantly in transition, this collection makes perfect sense in cities like San Francisco, Chicago and New York City, where the price of an apartment doesn’t quite jibe with the square footage you wind up with. Hauling around town just got a whole lot easier (and a touch classier).

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