Lodge Sportsman Grill

USA Made


Now operating and innovating in their third century as a company, the Tennessee manufacturers of cookware excellence at Lodge know a thing or two about crafting an almighty product. The cast-iron Lodge Sportsmans Grill ($144.95) is just that: a sturdy and portable cooker tailor made for a fall day spent tailgating, out in the woods on a camping adventure or a relaxing backyard BBQ. Cast iron craftsmanship means this compact piece of cookware is built to last a lifetime. Brats, burgers, steaks, chicken wings, a fancy husk of corn, you name it – this bad boy will distribute heat evenly and lock in the crucial flavors to deliver culinary delight to friends and family alike. When the feast is done, the seemingly indestructible Lodge Sportsman’s Grill is a quick clean and easy carry away from stowing until the next cookout.

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