Louisville Slugger Canby Select Sunglasses – Shwood

USA Made


Over the years the wayfarer style sunglasses have become a staple of our culture, representative of those generational idols from Bob Dylan to the Blues Brothers and tons of other wearers. But frankly, you’re never compelled to think of any ball players like Gehrig or Jeter or any other all-stars when you see the famous frames. Perhaps the fellas at Shwood have put an end to that with their Canby Louisville Slugger Select Collection. ($495.00 – however, the Louisville Slugger Original Collection starts at $250.00) Based in Portland, Oregon, each pair of the Canby Select Collection is made with handcrafted genius by using Louisville Slugger ash wood, grey polarized lenses, and completed with a two-tone black and white lacquered paint job, the entirety of which is an obvious nod to the significance and appreciation of America’s favorite pastime. Your pair of Canby Select sunglasses will also come with a super gift bag fit perfectly for any fan of the game, including a leather travel case debossed with the Louisville Slugger logo, a co-branded half display bat, a custom hand-made wooden display box, and a commemorative trading card to boot. What’s the catch? (pun intended) There are only 200 sets of these aforementioned goodies for the taking, which means you should hustle up if you’re digging what you see. Fan or not, you won’t be striking out – you can count on the Canby Louisville Slugger Select Collection to stand out from the repetitive frames you see floating around day after day.

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