Luke Fedora – Yellow 108

USA Made


Yellow 108’s Luke fedora collection ($80.00) sports many attributes: crushable, fitted, unisex, salvaged, American-made and timelessly classic. Designed in the city of Los Angeles, the Luke harkens back to the pre-JFK inauguration bellwether (ya know, when Jack Kennedy didn’t wear a hat for his inauguration and everyone copied him) when folks wore a hat everywhere they went. The attractive fedora line comes in seven different shades and what’s more: Yellow 108 donates 2% of all sales to local non-profits in the LA area, showing a steady commitment to social responsibility as a corporate citizen of their surrounding neighborhood. The hat is very pliable for a person on the go and Yellow 108 encourages you to “crush it, pack (it) and ring it” when you’re on the go before watching it take shape again. Finally, with a removable salvaged leather tie, the Luke is slightly customizable depending on the look you’re shooting for on any particular day. This 100% salvaged wool traveler can serve as a most trusted companion in your wardrobe.

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