Mast Brothers Chocolates

USA Made


Attention chocolate lovers and all those who appreciate a truly unique sense of sweets, Mast Brothers Chocolates has a collection of worldly and local blends of chocolate for your most excellent of tastes. ($40.00 – $44.00) With its residence in the great borough of Brooklyn, New York, Mast Brothers has made the art of handcrafted chocolate treats its life work, and they’ve hence created collections from a variety of single estate and single origin chocolates from around the world, plus a finely tuned house blend ready for your indulging. The Origin Collection features distinct profiles of Belize, Dominican Republic, Madagascar and Papua New Guinea chocolates, then brings each of these special flavors into one balanced mixture with the Mast Brother’s house blend. Once you’ve finished licking your fingers after the Origin Collection, you can move onto the Artisan Collection, which includes a bundle of dark chocolate bars that incorporate pairings with Anderson Almonds, Stumptown Coffee, Maine Sea Salt and Crown Maple Syrup. And if you find yourself so inspired as to desire the exact ingredients and processes of such wonderful chocolate concoctions, Mast Brothers has made available their first official Family Cookbook.($35.00)

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