Medicine Man Rings – Witness Company

USA Made


There’s an array mysticisms that can be found in our nation’s subcultures that emanates from the country’s native past and onward onto its evolving future. Wondering then how to feel it, how to tap in and experience it? You can begin with the Medicine Man Rings by Witness Company ($270.00), created by the Brooklynite-jewelers who in their works remember the American people and its vast ethnic landscapes. Founded in 2013 by the one titled “WBP Grand Poobah,” Witness Company derives its inspiration from compulsions of uniqueness and the genuine essence of what it means to contribute meaningful, union-shaping art to the country’s communities. If that alone doesn’t thrill you or grasp your attention, then this solid brass piece of creativity certainly should. Not only are the Medicine Man Rings a striking piece of hand-made jewelry, it’s a tribute to the most ancient of human emotions, to the balance of the darkness and the lightness of being. The inner-warrior is represented by engravings of knives on the ring’s side surfaces, while the face of the shaman promotes a striving for peace of the soul and peace of people. In totality, the ring serves as both a form of outward expression and decor, and also as a reminder for us to engage the ebb and flow of life, to be strong yet caring, to remain dedicated to our beliefs yet free in spirit and in mind. After all, these are the truest and deepest roots of the American spirit.

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