Moneymaker Camera Straps – Hold Fast Gear

USA Made


If you own any sort of camera besides a disposable model, you know that keeping your pricy piece of equipment safe is always a top priority when heading out for a shoot-session. Even if your photography doesn’t generate income, your gear is still probably worth a pretty penny, which makes the Money Maker Luxury Multi-Camera Straps by HoldFast Gear ($200 – $260) a properly labeled and probably necessary part of your photography gear. The Money Maker Camera Straps are not your typical harness – it isn’t made from cheap nylon or plastic, no way. Rather, the Money Maker is made from your choice of Bridle, Buffalo, Bison or Genuine Python leather (yeah, we’re talking about the hide from an actual python) along with anchored metal D-rings that can bear far more weight than you’d ever try to lug around. Further, this strap employs a state-of-the-art sliding system that allows the user to easily move his or her camera from lower to higher positions, which is an absolute “must” in today’s world of quick slinging photography. And if you aren’t already convinced, the Money Maker is designed to carry up to three cameras in a way that equally distributes weight throughout the harness system – this means you won’t be wobbling around like a drunk penguin while trying to pull of the shot of the year. To sum it all up, the Oklahoma-based HoldFast company has delivered with the photo-industry’s most accessible and reliable camera strap, one that refuses to compromise when it comes to either form or function, and because of HoldFast’s peaking level of dedication you can feel free to go out into the world and capture your adventures, your dreams, your life story.


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